Bike Team

bike 2_thumb.jpgThe Patrol Division Bicycle Patrol program began in 1994. In 2005, the responsibility for bicycle patrol was incorporated into the duties of the School Resource Officers. During the school year, School Resource Officers patrol surrounding neighborhoods and shopping centers where youth are known to congregate. During the summer months, they are reassigned to patrol as a "Juvenile Impact Team" deployed throughout Arapahoe County, primarily on the many miles of trails, parks, open space, greenbelts and bike paths. School Resource Officers make many positive citizen contacts while on patrol. Virtually every citizens encountered on the trails are supportive of this innovative approach to community policing.

Advantages of Bike Teams

At the start of selected shifts, School Resource Officers place their mountain bikes onto bike racks of their assigned patrol cars. The bike patrol often is used in an enforcement mode to assist with patrolling high crime areas. Many criminals have been captured due to the bikes undetected response to crimes in progress. Since its inception, Arapahoe County Sheriff's Bicycle Team members have made countless misdemeanor and felony arrests and have issued numerous traffic citations.


All bicycle patrol deputies must successfully complete the challenging International Police Mountain Bike Association certified training course to be "street certified." Currently six members of the School Resource Officer program are certified to ride our mountain bikes.


Bicycles are specially equipped with halogen head lamps, distinctive Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office saddlebags and markings. Bike patrol deputies wear safety helmets with sheriff's markings and a special uniform shirt with a cloth badge as the summer uniform.