Major Planning Cases

Current Land Development Cases

Arapahoe County's Planning Cases map displays all land development cases actively under review in unincorporated Arapahoe County.  



Land Development Code Update

Arapahoe County is updating its land development code to improve our process and offer alternatives to Planned Unit Development zoning. Please visit our Land Development Code Update page for more information about the project, including the approved Planned Unit Development regulations.

Backyard Bee Keeping and Backyard Chicken Keeping (cases LDC18-005 and LDC18-006)

Arapahoe County is proposing regulations for backyard bee and chicken keeping in residentially-zoned areas with single-family detached housing. Please visit the Zoning Page for all of the details and supporting documentation.

A-E Agricultural Estate - Reduce Required Lot Width (case LDC19-001)

Arapahoe County is proposing a reduction in the A-E (Agricultural Estate) zoning district’s minimum lot width requirement. Currently, the A-E zoning district requires a minimum lot size of 35 acres and a minimum lot width of 1,320’. Under the current code, a parcel must be 1,320’ wide in order to get building permits for houses, barns, indoor riding arenas, or any other structure. Staff is recommending reducing that requirement to a minimum lot width of 600’. Many properties in the A-E zoning district already have lot widths narrower than 1,320’; many of those properties already have homes and other buildings. Reducing the required width to 600’ would recognize how property has already developed in Arapahoe County. The Planning Commission recommended approval of the proposed changes on February 19, 2019 and this item is scheduled for the April 2,2019 Board of County Commissioners meeting. You may submit written comments to Jason Reynolds, case planner, or you may attend the public hearing, which is at 9:30 am on Tuesday, April 2 in the East Hearing Room of the Arapahoe County Administration Building (5334 S Prince Street, Littleton CO 80120). 

Expedition Water Solutions - Saltwater Disposal Facility/Injection Well (case UASI18-001)

Expedition Water Solutions is proposing a saltwater disposal facility to be located on the north side of E Quincy Avenue east of Watkins Road (34501 E Quincy Avenue). The proposed site would include an 8,000 square foot building, a thirty vessel tank battery, a truck unloading area, and a 400' x 400' gravel pad for the proposed injection/disposal well. Saltwater produced from oil and gas operations will be piped or trucked to the facility, where it will be treated and ultimately disposed into the well at a depth of about 10,000 feet. This application will require public hearings at both Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. This page will be updated when those meetings have been scheduled. If you have comments or questions, you may send them to Diane Kocis, who is managing the case.  

Conoco Swan Well Site

The proposed Swan well site is located northwest of the intersection of E 6th Avenue and N Imboden Road, within the future Prosper development. ConocoPhillips is proposing one well and four 500 BBL low-profile tanks, along with other supporting equipment. The applicant has submitted an administrative amendment to their approved site, which makes some adjustments to the pad layout and the northern emergency access road. For more information on the proposed amendment you can visit our citizen portal, which includes the applicant's submittal documents. If you have any questions, you may contact Diane Kocis, Arapahoe County Energy Specialist.

Prosper Development

Arapahoe County is currently reviewing a number of cases related to the Prosper development located south of Interstate 70 and N Watkins Road. These cases will eventually have public hearings and we will post the dates as soon as we know them.

The County approved the initial zoning - the Prosper Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) - in early 2015. When fully developed, the Prosper development will cover 5,130 acres (8 square miles) and will include up to 9,000 housing units and 8 million square feet of commercial/office/industrial uses. If you'd like to review the entire Prosper PDP you can download the very large PDP (180 MB) here. You may also download the much smaller Prosper land use plan for an overview of the project.

Initial phases of the Prosper development will rely on Denver Basin aquifer ground water. However, the development will eventually use a combination of renewable surface water, reclaimed wastewater, and lawn irrigation return flow. Per the Prosper water supply plan (70 MB file), when fully developed, 73% of the water in Prosper will be from those renewable sources.

Prosper Water Treatment Plant - The County is currently reviewing a permit for Prosper's initial water treatment plant. This Location & Extent document shows where it's located and what it will look like. The Board of County Commissioners approved the plant on June 27, 2017.

Prosper Preliminary Plat and Final Development Plan - This is the first phase of the project, located east of N Watkins Road. The Final Development Plan includes 977 single-family homes on 754 acres of land. The Final Development Plan includes proposed landscaping and design standards for the potential homes. The preliminary plat shows more detail on the lot layouts. The applicant's letter of intent offers a general overview of the project. The Board of County Commissioners approved both of these items on August 15, 2017.