Land Development Code Update


Arapahoe County’s Planning Division is working with Clarion Associates to update its current zoning, subdivision and land use regulations. The primary focus of this update is the County’s Planned Unit Development (PUD) regulations and procedures. 

The goals for these updates include:

  1. Improve the clarity and predictability of the County’s regulations;
  2. Simplify the process for adopting and modifying PUD approvals as market conditions and planning priorities change over time; and
  3. Avoid the use of PUD when other more predictable, efficient, and administrable forms of land use approval are appropriate.

Land Development Code Assessment

The final Land Development Code Assessment was presented to the Board of County Commissioners on January 25, 2016. Based on the recommendations in the Assessment, the Board asked staff to proceed with several updates to the Land Development code: update the PUD process, reorganize the Land Development code, and develop modern base zone districts that can serve as alternatives to PUDs. 

Land Development Code Reorganization and New Residential Zoning Districts 

The Code Assessment identified the Planned Unit Development (PUD) chapter as the highest priority. It also recommended modernizing the code and creating new residential zoning districts. The modernized code will be reorganized for ease of administration and readability. The updated code will serve as a good base for future changes. The new residential zoning districts will create options that do not currently exist. 

  • Draft LDC - This document reorganizes the Land Development Code, makes some minor adjustments/clarifications, and includes new residential zoning districts.
  • Development Application Manual - This is a manual designed to supplement the Land Development Code and provide more details about how processes work. Some existing code sections, such as our standard notes, have been moved to this manual. 
  • Residential Zoning Summary - This document summarizes the proposed residential zoning districts. 

If you would like to participate, Email your comments. Also, please attend one of our open houses if you can!

For more information, contact Jason Reynolds, Current Planning Program Manager, Arapahoe County Public Works and Development, at 720-874-6664 or by Email.

About Clarion Associates: Clarion Associates is a Denver-based land use consulting firm that has completed over 130 zoning and development code revision projects throughout the U.S. and Canada. Additional information can be found on the Clarion Associates website.