A'moni and Noah

Amoni and Noah
A'moni and Noah
Born: 2008 and 2012  Photos By: Amy Johnson
Welcome to the adventurous world of Noah and Amoni! 

Abracadabra! Noah can't wait to show off his magic tricks! This respectful and intelligent child appreciates opportunities to be active and gets his energy out through football and basketball. When he finds some downtime, Noah loves to read and listen to his favorite music. It has been said that this friendly kid is a joy to be around. Noah continues to make academic strides as a fourth grader and is academically on track. 

This social butterfly is Amoni, who makes new friends wherever she goes. This loving and affectionate child adores playing in all forms: with her Barbies, with her friends, outside - Amoni can have fun anywhere! Expressing her creativity through arts & crafts is one of her best-loved hobbies. It has been said that she is an intuitive child who enjoys taking on leadership roles. Amoni is academically on target in her kindergarten year. 
 Amoni and Noah would prefers a two-parent family; however, all family types will be considered. 
For more information, please Email Natalie Coronado, Adoption Recruiter. Thank you!