Harvest Trail

Currently Under Construction 

Expected Open Date - October 2019

The Harvest Trail will connect trail users via a safe and off-street route to the Fairgrounds and Aurora Reservoir by connecting to existing trails at the Fairgrounds and then to the Aurora Reservoir through the low stress access road to Powhaton Road near the reservoir entrance.

Harvest Trail EnlargedThe Harvest Trail will also connect to a new trail being built in 2019 as part of the Gun Club Rd./Quincy Ave continuous flow intersection project that Open Spaces is partnering with Public Works, City of Aurora and CDOT.  As part of this project, the existing trail will continue east on the south side of Quincy Ave., go under E-470, then south and through a underpass box culvert, under Gun Club Rd. to east side of Gun Club and south to connect to new Harvest Trail. 

The $1.8 million Harvest Trail will be 6125 ft in length with two bridges crossings at Toll Gate Creek and Murphy Creek. The 10’ wide, concrete trail will have rest stops, over-looks, and a 4’ wide, crusher fine stone equestrian trail on the north edge. The Harvest Trail will also have three connections to existing trails that currently dead end from the south from the Toll Gate Community. Arapahoe County Open Spaces is working with the City of Aurora on these connections and have approval to construct them. 

The regional Harvest Trail is a partnership between Xcel and Arapahoe County Open Spaces and will serve as an important connection for residents living East of E-470. 

Project Updates as of April 24, 2019:

  • SaBells Construction Company has been selected.
  • Construction will start – End of May 2019.
  • Construction will take Approximately 5 Months – Completion October 2019.

West End Trail Detail

Middle Trail Detail

East End Trail Detail

Click here to download full construction document.