Release Forms

Request for Release of Deed of Trust Form

The release form must have the following:
  • Correct name of borrower
  • Correct name of the owner of the Evidence of Debt (Lender)
  • Exact corresponding information on the Deed of Trust and Note
  • Recording information of Deed of Trust
  • Notarized signature / Signatures of the holder(s) of the note
  • Address to where the recorded release is to be sent by the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder
  • Payment of $28 to the Arapahoe County Public Trustee to execute and record a one-page release form (Include an additional $5 for each additional page that may need to be recorded (i.e. separate legal descriptions, affidavits, etc.)
  • Please also enclose one large stamped, addressed envelope in which to return the note and Deed of Trust

Inquiries About Status of Releases

For inquiries on the status of any release, please use the Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder's Legal Document Search or contact your mortgage lender.

The Public Trustee's Office processes thousands of releases each month and the time lapse between a homeowner's payoff and the release may be several months pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes. Because of the large volume of releases received each day, there is no way for us to determine if your release documents have been received on any given day. Our policy is to provide "walk ins" our immediate attention. All other requests are processed by the date they arrive in the mail.