What We Do

The Zoning Division enforces the zoning, subdivision and weed regulations for unincorporated Arapahoe County. We process all building, fence and sign permits to ensure they comply with County regulations. Zoning also enforces Christmas tree lot, fireworks stand and bus bench regulations. We provide zoning information to the public and present cases to the Board of Adjustment where there are variances, special exception uses and interpretations to the County's zoning regulations. Please refer to the Regulations and Requirements link on the left for additional zoning information.

Need a Quick Answer?

During business hours (M-F, 8 - 4:30), talk to someone to get the information you need quickly. Call 720-874-6650 and ask for:
  • Planner on Call for questions about current land development activity or processes for land development approvals.
  • Zoning on Call to find the zoning on properties, check allowable land uses, report a property concern or ask about fence or sign permits.
  • Use Report, Request or Question to send an email to Planning or Zoning. Please select Planning or Zoning from drop down menu.
  • Public Works On Call services.

Find My Property

ArapaMap and Property Information tools may also help you find the information you need and whether a property is located within the unincorporated county.

Additional Resources

Do I live in unincorporated Arapahoe County? Check what jurisdiction I live in.

If you live within an incorporated city or town, please contact incorporated city or town directly here.

For land development processing and rezoning, contact the Arapahoe County Planning Division.

For Maps with Zoning information see Zoning Maps in the Mapping/GIS Services Section of Support Services

Find the answer to many common Zoning questions here.