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Posted on: July 6, 2017

New technology delivers better service to families receiving human services

AURORA, CO - Arapahoe County’s leading new software, HSConnects, is significantly improving customer service while refining business processes and workflow management in the Department of Human Services.

HSConnects was built in response to a need to handle a growing annual caseload of nearly 100,000 cases. The software has streamlined the application process by 92 percent, reduced the error rate from 30 percent to nearly zero, maximized resources and increased efficiencies in Human Services. As a result, Human Services saved 4 million sheets of paper annually and nearly $1.5 million in temporary staffing and overtime costs.

Here's how it works: Using high-speed document scanners to digitize documents, HSConnects then reads the State's program systems to determine when a case is due, who the documents should be routed to, and prioritizes work based upon the due date of every case with documents in the queue and ensures that the most pressing case is worked first- every time. The system also allows work to be transferred, reassigned or moved to a different priority to ensure all work is processed in a timely fashion.

HSConnects has reduced the application submittal process from 25 minutes to 2 minutes and once an application is submitted, caseworkers can access the information instantly allowing for quicker response times.

“Through HSConnects, we have been able to make good use of our resources, streamline processes and strengthen our customer service,” said Nancy Sharpe, County Commissioner. “Time is important to all of us and this implementation allows us to deliver our County’s mission to be first in service.”  

“We have not lost a single document since HSConnects was implemented,” said Bob Prevost, Deputy Director of Arapahoe County Department of Human Services.

“When we tell our software developers that they may have saved a life today, it’s a very rewarding moment,” said David Bessen, Information Technology Director.

This efficiency allowed Arapahoe County to become one of two large Colorado counties that were able to comply with Federal and State timeliness mandates in 2016. In 2016, Arapahoe County received a 2016 C-Stat Distinguished Performance award from the Colorado Department of Human Services for outstanding performance. This year, the National Association of Counties recognized Arapahoe County with a 2017 Achievement Award for HSConnects.

Other Colorado Counties are taking notice. Arapahoe County is working with five other Colorado counties for possible implementation.

“It’s definitely a system that will continue to increase our efficiencies and save money,” said Cheryl Ternes, Human Services Director.

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