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1. What has Arapahoe County done to address oil and gas operations within the County?
2. What is fracking and how can I learn more?
3. Can Arapahoe County prohibit drilling or fracking within the County?
4. Can Arapahoe County prohibit fracking within the county or control what is used in fracking fluid?
5. Who issues oil and gas exploration permits?
6. If I have questions or concerns, what can I do?
7. A representative from an oil and gas company recently approached me with an interest in buying or leasing land or mineral rights to my property. Who can I talk to if I have questions about my rights?
8. How do I know if I own the mineral rights on my land?
9. Are there any public documents I could obtain that relate to my property?
10. How do I find a real estate attorney?
11. Who do we contact for more information?
12. Flares
13. State powers vs. County Powers for Oil & Gas Operations
14. Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) instructions on how to comment on a Form 2A application
15. Questions about State rules for Oil & Gas. Property Owner Rights or Fracking
16. Domestic Water Well Quality
17. Domestic Water Well Water Levels
18. State Land Board Oil & Gas Well Concerns
19. Oil & Gas Horizontal Wells – Where do they go?
20. Setbacks
21. For comments and concerns on oil & gas wells within the boundaries of Aurora