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Arapahoe County offers a variety of services at many locations throughout the county. The County Seat is located at the Administration Building, 5334 S. Prince Street, Littleton. See a list of County locations. All County offices are closed holidays.

Main Information
303-795-4400 • 303-738-7915 TDD

Arapahoe/Douglas Works!
Employment Services, Job Workshops, Résumé Assistance, One-On-One Career Guidance, Labor Market Information, Unemployment Insurance Benefits, Youth In The Works, Generations @ Work!, Access to Computers, Printers, Copiers,
Fax Machines and Internet
303-636-1160 • 303-636-1207 TDD

Assessor’s Office
Valuation of Real and Business Personal Property, Mobile Home Authentications, Real Estate Information, Proof of Sales Tax, Senior Citizen and Disabled Veterans Exemption, Certification of Values to Taxing Districts
303-795-4600 • 303-795-4645 TDD

Board of County Commissioners and BOCC Administration
Public Hearings, Study Sessions, Legislative Issues, Boards and Committees, Mayors and Commissioners Youth Awards,
Aid to Agencies, Citizen Inquiries
303-795-4630 • 303-795-4644 TDD

Clerk and Recorder’s Office
Clerk to the Board, Elections, Recording Real Estate Documents, Motor Vehicle Title and Registration, Driver’s License, Marriage License, Passports, Voter Registration
• General Information: 303-795-4200 • 303-738-7890 TDD
• Media Inquiries for Clerk and Recorder's Office: 303-734-5465
• Motor Vehicle: 303-795-4500
• Driver's License: 303-205-5694
• Recording, Marriage Licenses, Passports: 303-795-4520
• Elections: 303-795-4511 |

Communication Services
Media and Citizen Inquiries, Website, Print Materials, Events
303-795-5467 • 303-795-4644 TDD

Community Resources
Arapahoe/Douglas Works!, Community Corrections, CSU Extension, 4-H, Housing and Community Development, Judicial
Services, Senior Resources, Veterans Services, Volunteer Connections, Weatherization
303-738-8040 • 303-738-8033 TDD

Coroner’s Office
Death Investigations
720-874-3625 • 303-738-7915 TDD

County and District Courts
County Court A (Littleton):
District Court: 303-649-6355
Jury Information: 303-649-6318

District Attorney’s Office
Intake And Charging, Investigations, County Court, Juvenile Court, Juvenile Diversion Counseling Program, Victim
Compensation, General Felony, Special Victims, Economic Crime, Cold Case, Victim Witness, Appeals, Domestic Violence
Units, Wellness, Veterans Treatment and Recovery Courts, Consumer Protection

Fairgrounds and Park
Facility Rental, County Fair
303-795-4955 • 720-874-6574 TDD

Accounts Payable, Budget, Purchasing

Human Resources
Career Opportunities, Training, Benefits and Compensation
303-795-4482 • 303-795-4634 TDD

Human Services
• Child Support Services: 303-752-8900
• Food, Financial and Medical Assistance: 303-636-1170
• Child, Youth and Adult Protection/Services, Foster Care and Adoption: 303-636-1589
• Child, Youth and Adult Abuse/Neglect Reporting: 303-636-1750 • 303-636-1522 TDD
• Media inquiries for Human Services: 303-636-1945
• To volunteer or to donate: 303-738-8051

Open Spaces
Open Space Grant and Shareback Program, Arapahoe County Recreation District, Fairgrounds and Park, County Fair
720-874-6540 • 720-874-6574 TDD

Public Trustee
Foreclosures, Deeds of Trust, Releases of Deeds of Trust, Tax Escrow Accounts for Land Purchase Contracts

Public Works and Development
Animal Control, Building, Engineering, Mapping, Oil and Gas, Planning and Zoning, Road and Bridge, Weed Control, Animal Control: 720-874-6750
• Building Permits: 720-874-6600
• Road and Bridge: 720-874-6820
• Engineering, Mapping, Oil & Gas, Planning, Zoning, Weed Control: 720-874-6500
• 720-874-6574 TDD

Sheriff’s Office
Concealed Weapons Permits, Emergency Management, Patrol, Detentions, Investigations, Warrants
9-1-1 Emergency
303-795-4711 Non-Emergency
303-795-4711 TDD

Strategy and Performance Management
Align Arapahoe, Strategic Planning
303-795-4630 • 303-795-4644 TDD

Treasurer’s Office

Property Taxes, Tax Deeds, Tax Lien Sale, Senior/Disabled Veteran Exemption
303-795-4550 • 303-795-4646 TDD

Tri-County Health Department
Birth and Death Certificates, Dental Services, Disease Prevention and Control, Environmental Health, Family Planning and Prenatal Care, Immunizations, Nutrition, Restaurant Inspections, Emergency Preparedness & Response
303-220-9200 •